Know What You Drink| Pur Voda

Hello Darlings ❀

Drinking water is essential part of our life. I didn’t know importance of drinking water till years of my life. And when I finally know about it it’s now necessity for me and should be for everyone.
Some of the reasons to drink water is to stay hydrated, for weight loss, removing toxins from body and to keep our skin healthy and glowing. Around 60% of our body is made of water
Apart from drinking water, drinking right quality of water is equally important. Many people fall sick and have lesser life span because of low/bad quality of water intake. 
When it comes to quality and purity Pur Voda is what I trust. Let me tell you why. 
Pur Voda is Natural Mineral Water” brand. 

It is being sourced at the foothills of the Shivalik Range in India. Extracted from great depths, it is rich in mineral content which not only helps to hydrate your body but also replenishes a part of the body’s natural mineral content.
Shoutout to the makers for keeping the bottle super stylish and retaining water’s initial mineral content. There are two sizes of bottle. Smaller version is what I keep in my bag that lets me stay hydrated.
Many of us don’t know difference between Natural Mineral Water and Regular Packaged Drinking Water. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Mineral Water is water that contains minerals, which can be added artificially or can be naturally present in the water. 
Having been chemically treated, Packaged Drinking Water has adverse effects on the health. Whereas, Natural Mineral water will only hydrate the body with a boost of minerals because it is naturally rich in mineral content and is packed without any chemical treatment.
What else you need to know ? 
Pur Voda Natural Mineral Water has Ph Value of 7.2-7.8 which is perfect. Ph value lesser than 7 is sign of acidic water.
Know what you drink. Choose Pur Voda for Purity. Choose Pur Voda for quality. 

Take Care everyone ❀️


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