Sporty Chic Look!

Hello Beauties ❤️

Welcome back to my channel. I hope all is well on your side. 

Today I will be talking about the most comfortable, stylish and famous trend of 2016 which is Sporty Chic Look. Do you want a chic look and also want to look cool? Then Sporty chic look is the one for you. 

When I talk about sporty chic I don’t mean wearing yoga pants, activewear all day every day. It’s just the matter of mixing sporty and chic outfits to suit the trend. I am big fan of this trend as it makes you look stylish and most importantly it’s so comfortable. You can literally wear it from Monday to Sunday. If you are in dilemma how to carry your sporty chic look, I will help you out in it.

Let’s have a look at my outfit.

First thing you see is the pair of culottes. These culottes are everything you can ask for. They are high waist and black in colour so almost anything can be tuned with it. You will be wondering why I chose culottes for this look. Let me tell you the reason. Culottes look high fashion and chic and secondly they are ultra comfy and easy to hang. It even ensures to add feminine touch to your sporty chic look. 

I am tuning it up with loose fit, full sleeves top. Little lace pieces in my top brings the elegance to the outfit. I have tucked it little inside the culottes to show the beautiful bow ahead. Loose fits are in trend and what can be better way than to opt it for sporty chic look.

For me, any sporty look is incomplete without a pair of sneakers. While most of the fashion gurus choose white sneakers, I chose these stunning golden pair of sneakers which sync well with my outfit and make me look super trendy. Add a bling to your outfit by choosing silver, golden or rose gold pair of shoes to make you look stylish.  

I am carrying this cute yet very useful blur velvet sling bag to carry all my necessities. This bag is mainly for winters as it is made of velvet. It is not too big but has lot’s of space as it has three separate partitions inside. ( I wish I had taken a picture to show it to you guys. ) 😞 What I love about this bag is it’s cute furr ball and the golden and leather chain. I chose sling bag for this look as it is easy to carry, easy to handle and looks so cool.

I am wearing these transparent glasses to give simplicity and elegance to my look. 
You will notice that I have not over dosed my sporty look by adding many sporty pieces. You do not want to look coming straight out of the gym. Make sure your chic is more than your sporty look. Ohh and one more thing is to ensure that your makeup is simple while rocking this trend. Try hair styles like cute half ponytail, top knots or buns with this look. 

Outfit Details :- 

TopForever 21

Culottes, Sneakers, Sling bag, GlassesZara

I hope you enjoyed today’s look and it was helpful to you. Let me know your thoughts on this look in the comment section below. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you like reading my posts.

Take Care everyone ❤️

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