Au revoir Summers ! 

Hello Pretty girls ❤️

This year winter has come so late and we are not getting chance to show off our sexy winter outfits. I cannot wait to share my winter outfits with you guys. So today I am here to say good bye to the summers creating three different looks in collaboration with Indian Gully.

 My motive of creating three different looks was to show casual, formal and lunch date look to you all. These three looks are most common and we always have dilemma of how we should tune with these looks. 

Let’s have a look at my first outfit where I am dressed formally.

For formal looks we always want to look stylish and at the same time we want to be dressed as ready for work. I am wearing this beautiful red dotted black shirt from Indian Gully . This shirt is great for any formal occasion.

It is being paired with culottes. Culottes are one of the best options for formal looks which can be worn with heels. I am also wearing black choker to make my outfit look stylish and have tied my hair in pony for neat formal look.

Here’s my Casual look

For this look I am wearing this white Crop top which is also from Indian Gully. Since it is getting cold , I am wearing crop top along with the shrug. Don’t let your crop tops go waste in winters and tune them with shrugs to look stylish. 

I am wearing it with high waist blue rugged jeans. I am also wearing these sandals to add little shine to my outfit. This casual look is perfect for shopping, movie day or for hanging out with friends. 

Last but not the least. Here’s a floral off shoulder top from Indian Gully . I think this top is perfect for going on a lunch date with the friends. Just pair your floral top with similar colour plain jeans and stilettos to look fashionable and chic. Avoid wearing any prints with the floral tops as it will make the outfit look shabby and divert attention from the top.  

I hope this casual, formal and lunch date look is helpful to you in styling the looks in future. 

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Take Care 😘


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