Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette and Brush Review! 

Hello Beauties ❤️

How are all the pretty girls ?  I am very excited today as this is going to be my first product review post. It has almost been three months since I have started my blog. I have posted all the outfit looks and now is the time to start up with the product reviews and other beauty tips as well. I thought of reviewing the product today and what can be better than talking about the contouring kit. 

I have chosen Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette today. This review is going to be everything you need to know about it as well the Shade+Light Contour brush which comes along with it. Let us see why it’s so much hyped product in the market.

About Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette 

Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette comes in sturdy, matte black cardboard packaging. It also contains step wise step guide to contour for beginners about which we will be talking further. When we open the palette there is mirror on one side and six beautiful shades on the other. It has three small highlight shades and three little larger contour shades for light, medium and darker skin tones. The shades have mostly neutral undertone in my opinion hence they will work for many skin tones. 

The shade names are as follows – 

1. Lucid (highlight shade) and Sombre (contour shade) are for fairer skin tones.

2. Lyric (highlight shade) and shadow play (contour shade) are used for medium skin tones.

3. Levitation (highlight shade) and subconscious (contour shade) are used for darker skin tones.


The palette comes with 6 shades containing in total 0.72 oz of a product. 

– 3 x 0.08 oz Light powder in Lucid, Lyric, Levitation (highlight shades) 

– 3 x 0.16 oz Shade powder in Sombre, Shadowplay, Subconscious (contour shades) 
Let’s have a look at all the shades individually. 
Highlight shades 

1. Lucid 

 A pale pink shade. This one is great for light skin tones to set concealer. 

2. Lycid

A light, yellow beige or ‘banana’ shade. This is perfect under eye setting concealer powder. It brightens up the area and minimises creasing. 

3. Levitation

A light peachy shade. It works well as an under eye setting powder on medium to dark skin tones.

Contour Shades

1. Sombre 

 A taupe brown shade with grey undertones. This shade really mimics shadows well and looks very natural. I use this shade over my forehead and for nose contour. 

2. Shadow Play 

A tawny brown with slightly warm undertones. I mix this shade a little with subconscious to contour my cheek bones.  

3. Subconscious 

 The darkest of the bunch – a deep chocolate shade with warm undertones. This shade is for darker skin tones. I cannot use it on my cheeks, forehead or nose contour as the shade is highly pigmented and is dark for my skin. I use it over my double chin and is great to get rid of appearance of the double chin.



The palette comes in sturdy cardboard box which shuts securely via magnetic closure. Magnetic closure minimises the risk of fallout of the product outside the palette. The black matte packaging is so attractive as it has ‘Shade+Light’ written in tattoo style by Kat Von D. 

It also has a handy mirror inside along with beautiful design on the sides making the palette easy to travel with. 


All the colours in this palette are smooth, silky, blendable and super easy to work with. The texture of each powder is creamy and soft. All the colours are completely matte but not flat without the hint of shimmer. These colours do not appear to be chalky or too powdery on the face. The shades are not excessively cool (colour temp wise) neither too warm. I do find Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit to be little warm so I like the shades of this palette more. In contouring we have to create the shadows on the face to enhance our features and working with cooler shades makes it easier to achieve the look. 

Application and wear

After I have set my foundation and concealer with translucent powder. I like to set my under eye concealer with lyric and for other highlight areas I like to mix lyric and lucid. To contour, I like to mix sombre along with shadowplay for my cheekbones. I use sombre alone for my forehead and nose contour. I like to use Subconscious  (darkest shade of the palette) for getting rid of my double chin). All the shades are highly pigmented so I suggest using very light hand during application. If you use too much product at one time you will have to work a lot in blending the shades. For contouring I take the product only once and it helps to achieve the look. For the highlight area I take the product twice. So you can have an idea how pigmented the palette will be. 

The palette also comes with handy illustrated step wise step guide inserted inside that shows you how to use the palette. 

Follow the included insert—illustrated by Kat Von D herself—and master the art of contouring in three simple ways: Define cheekbones: sculpt and chisel your appearance. Slim your face: slenderise features and define the jawline. Shape your nose: taper your silhouette.

Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette is formulated without :

– Parabens

– Sulfates

– Phthalates

Shade+Light Contour brush 

This palette comes along with the Shade + Light Contour Brush. However this brush needs to be bought separately. 

Most attractive thing about the brush is it’s packaging. It comes in black coffin case which I think is great marketing technique. The moment I saw the packaging I wanted to buy the brush. The coffin case is made of plastic and is very light weight.

The brush is duo ended. One side has shade (contour brush) and the other side has light (highlight brush). The brush is made with black and white, soft synthetic bristles. The tapered dome shaped brush is great for applying highlighter and setting under eye powder. I use this side of the brush for applying the highlight shades of the palette and for brushing off the excess powder after baking the face. The dome shape of the brush helps in getting into the narrow spaces and soft bristles helps to easily blend the product. 

The other side of the brush is narrow and angled. I won’t lie I find this side of the brush little stiff. No doubt the bristles are very soft but it is not as dense as I will like my contour brush to be. However it is good if you do not like your contouring to be intense. If you have contouring brush you are satisfied with I will not suggest you to buy this one. Apart from that I have washed this brush several times and I have not seen any shedding of the brush. After washing the brush I suggest you to keep the brush flat so that both the sides of the brush dry equally. 


The Shade+Light Contour Palette costs 46 dollars ( 3075 rupees) on the sephora site. The Shade+Light Contour Brush costs 34 dollars (2273 rupees). I agree the price of both the products are on little higher side but the palette is worth the purchase. When it comes to the brush we are getting two brushes in one and it has beautiful packaging so the price doesn’t pinch.

Where to buy ? 

I got the palette and the brush from Dubai – Sephora, Dubai Mall. You can buy it online on the official site or at the Sephora site. Instagram pages like makeup_and_u also provide with it. 

Pros –

1. Super Pigmented

2. Suitable for many skin tones

3. Very little product is used as the shades are highly pigmented. 

4. Doesn’t require cream contour along with it. 

5. Contains a mirror

6. Easily blendable and easy to work with

7. It doesn’t look chalky or too powdery on the face. 


1. Fallout – there is a lot fallout especially of the Subconscious shade but I really don’t mind it. 

2. Putting too much product at once makes it hard to blend. Use very light hand on the shades. 

Overall review and why to choose this palette ?

This is the best contouring kit I have tried so far. It has better reviews than Anastasia Beverly Hills powder Contour Kit and is worth the hype. I love the quality, pigmentation and the versatility of the product. You do not require cream contouring along with it as the shades are highly pigmented. All the colours blend very easily on the skin. 

I hope this review was helpful to you. If you have any doubts ask me about them in the comments section. Which contouring kit do you use? Let me know as I love trying new products. 
Take care Everyone ❤️

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