Blue Hues πŸ’™

Hello Beauties 😘
How are all my fashion-mongers? I am so thankful to all of you for the support you have been providing to me. 

As the title suggests, today I will be sharing this all blue look on the blog. Blue Hues literally define as various shades of blue, which will be exhibited by this look.

Let’s have a glance at my outfit.
I am wearing a blue distressed denim dungaree. I had fallen in love with this dungaree the moment I set my eyes at it. It’s comfortable, has a distressed texture and the best part is that it’s neither too baggy nor too tight. Tight fit dungarees are more suitable if they have attached shorts. Very loose full length dungarees put forward a shabbier look. Dungarees are meant for comfort and fashion concurrently and this fitting suits perfect to them. 

Beneath this dungaree I am wearing a navy blue Gap graphic t-shirt. I will suggest you to wear a simpler top and not use any prints or patterns in order to avoid a discordant look. A plain graphic t-shirt will do the job.

What poses a question with this outfit is the choice of footwear. We shouldn’t forget that the purpose of wearing a dungaree is to be comfortable in it and so should be the footwear. My best option were these ankle length boots as they are cool, fashionable and gel perfectly with the dungaree. 

When it came to picking the most appropriate bag, I chose this simple-sporty cross body, not making the look appear too loud with some oversized selection. 

For my eyes, I wore these blue reflectors not deviating from the blue hue theme. 

Also, in coherence with my theme, I used a blue lip colour which I actually created using a blue eye shadow and a lip balm. 

Transform the ideas of your mind into reality with confidence and keep experimenting new things because that’s what fashion is all about-expressing oneself. 

I have put my hair into a half bun which is a very easy hairdo and makes a person look very stylish at the same time. If you experience a hard time creating a perfect half bun try braiding your hair first, and then twist the braid around like I did over here to get produce the perfect look. 
Outfit Details :

Dungare Zara

T Shirt – Gap

Shoes – Carlton London

Cross body Bag – Accessorise 

Sunglasses – H&M

I hope you guys liked this look. Please comment, like and subscribe. It will mean a lot to me.

Take Care Everyone πŸ’™ 


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