Casual Summer’16 Vibes ! 

Hello Stylers 💕 

Hope you had an amazing week. I am back with my new post. We all love to grab our high heels and glam ourselves up for parties and special occasions. But you’ll agree with me on this- it gets monotonous to do it everyday. So today I want to share a casual look which both seems and feels comfortable.

Stripes, T Shirt Dress, Skater Shoes, Dutch Braids sum up the Summer ’16 casual trend. And here’s my look representing it.

T-shirt dresses act as lifesavers when we are looking for something that won’t stick to our bodies in the terrible heat of the summer. I am wearing this white peek a boo sleeved t-shirt dress with horizontal navy blue stripes on it. Stripes never go out of style and they are everyone’s favourites. Also, How can we skip talking about the peek-a-boo sleeves. Their charm has made them a popular trend these days. The lovely Stripes,the sexy sleeves and the t-shirt style of the dress is why i love it so much. This dress is too comfortable to wear and very trendy. It is a perfect dress for any casual day outs. 

A pair of skater shoes is another trending part of my outfit. They look super cool and are comfortable to wear and here I am wearing these black skater shoes with a white sole. It is a basic pair of skater shoes which is great to wear if you have to walk for long distances. The Best thing about skater shoes is that they are so versatile. They can paired with almost everything- jeans, t-shirt dresses and even shorts. 

Being casual and comfortable calls for sling bag and I have carried this black leather bag. What I love about the bag is it’s space. We can hold a lot of stuff inside it and sling along with it, also making the bag very easy to carry. 
I am also wearing these blue reflector sunglasses whose colour I absolutely love. They have a rather small frame making them easy to wear. They also fit on my face quite well.

To complete the look and to add an edge to it I have tied my hair in two dutch braids. Dutch braids look super stylish and are easy to make once you practice them yourself a few times. This hairstyle is ideally made after a day or two of your hair wash when the hair gets a little oily and you don’t know if you want to tie it up or leave it free. Go for a dutch braid when life throws at you such a dilemma. 

So this was my casual day-out look. I hope you guys liked it. 

Outfit Deets –

T- Shirt Dress – H&M

Skater shoes – Mango

Choker – Accessories 

Handbag – DKNY

Sunglasses- H&M

Comment below and tell me what you like to wear on your casual days. I would love to know about it. And please follow me to check out more of looks.

Take Care everyone ❤️

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